The Geography of Civil Unions in Vermont

In 2000, Vermont established “civil unions” meant for same-sex couples. This form of marriage relied on the existence of a local gay and lesbian community, while contributing to the development of “gay and lesbian tourism” and pushing certain churches to revisit their treatment of same-sex couples. Gay and lesbian rights and rural communities are not mutually exclusive.

This article is a translation (by Mary Eichbauer), the original French version was published in Mappemonde, 2003, #3, Belin-RECLUS.

Journal of Lesbian Studies, 2005, vol.9, n°1/2, pp.185-195 (DOI: 10.1300/J155v09n01_17)
(Article en ligne – DOI : 10.1300/J155v09n01_17)

(preliminary version online [HAL-SHS])