Astrosociologie, suite

Billet publié le 30/06/2004

La découverte de l’Astrosociology a déclenché l’écriture de plusieurs sociologues américains: Kieran Healy, Brayden King, Jeremy Freese, Drek (et autres, comme Fafnir). (source)

Le consensus semble être absolu: l’astrosociology a peu de chance de s’établir. Drek écrit par exemple:

While work has been done in sociology that deals with the space program, it certainly hasn’t necessitated the creation of an entirely new section! So what does this new astrosociology get us? What new, wonderful benefit may we reap from the crafting of astrosociology that otherwise would remain beyond our grasp? Well, if I had to guess, it would be the ability to use the word “astro” to describe what we do. I mean, think about it, what isn’t cooler with the word “astro” attached to it?

update : Jeremy Freese a beaucoup réfléchi. Pour lui, “astrosociology has provoked such a reaction because it seems to finally mark the point at which the prospective continued substantive dissipation of sociology […] has gone too far.