A journalistic sex toy raid

Billet publié le 01/02/2008

IIn the US, some states prohibit the retail of sex-toys. And citizen journalists are fighting to enforce these laws, too often neglected by the police. Yesterday in Jackson Mississippi, a strong-willed local and undercover journalist tried to buy one personal vibrator. A purple one.
Adult Store Caught Selling Illegal Sex Toys : “Adult Video and Books on McDowell Road in Jackson is apparently selling illegal sex toys again.”
A…GAIN ! ? Indeed : « A “3 on Your Side” undercover investigation shows that the business is back at it again and is not even discreet about selling the devices.
WLBT received the tip, so we decided to go undercover to see if it was true. »

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Unfortunately : the police doesn’t care… even though « Section 97-29-105 of the Mississippi Code provides that knowingly selling, advertising, publishing or exhibiting any three-dimensional device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genitalia (“sexual devices”) is illegal.» [Miss. Code Ann. § 97-29-105 (Rev. 2000)]

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Un commentaire par After Dark Toys (10/06/2009 à 18:15)

No wonder these guys need guns. What are you supposed to do with all that built up sexual tension ?