Oeuvres de Louise Labé : an electronic transcription

Transcribed and encoded by Mary Skemp
Edited by Miranda Remnek

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Electronic Research Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 1998.

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Prepared by The Early Modern French Women Writers Project
Miranda Remnek, Project Director

Our text is based on the 1924 edition of Labé's Euvres, edited by Joseph Aynard, included in the collection, LES POËTES LYONNAIS: Précurseurs de la Pléiade. (Éditions Bossard, Paris, 924, pp. 155 - 284.)

The print copy consulted is from the University of Minnesota Libraries. Call number: 840.1 Ay5.

All end-of-line hyphenation has been removed: any remaining hyphenation occured within the line.

Each collection of texts in one genre is encoded as div1. The dedicatory letter is attributed as type=preface, the debate as type=prose debate, the elegies as type=poetry, and the sonnets as type= poetry. Each separate text within the div1 categories occurs as div2. The sections of the debate are attributed as type=chapter, the elegies are attributed as type=elegy and the sonnets are attributed as type=sonnet. Line groups are attributed as quatrains or tercets.

ID elements are given for each page reference and are composed of the text reference "labeoeuv" plus the page number.