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Billet publié le 28/03/2005

Un long article dans le Washington Post de ce matin, sur le “Gay Liaison Office” de la police de la capitale fédérale américaine. (En général, pour lire le Washington Post, il faut être “registré” et donner son e-mail. Il est plus simple d’utiliser

The Stewards of Gay Washington
The D.C. police Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit walks a tightrope, balancing empathy for a vulnerable population with lock-’em-up authority. Like the community, the squad is still shaping its identity.
By Anne Hull
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, March 28, 2005; Page A01
Sgt. Brett Parson rides in his cruiser, groggy and unshaven, gripping a chai latte between his kneecaps. He will crisscross the city several times before the night is over. More sociological than geographical, his beat is gay Washington.
“Cruiser 9670, request assistance,” the dispatcher calls.
“Brett, we got one of yours,” a patrol officer radios.
Inside a Northwest apartment, a 39-year-old man has been beaten by his male partner. The victim is a lieutenant colonel who works at the Pentagon and can’t show up at a military hospital with injuries caused by same-sex domestic violence without risking his career.
(…)The D.C. police department has a Latino Liaison Unit, an Asian Liaison Unit and a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit, but unlike the other specialized squads, the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit deals with the half-truths and complexities of sexuality.
When Parson teaches officers at the police academy how to deal with the gay community, he starts with Gay 101. They are blue-collar, white-collar, French collar and no collar. They may withhold the whole truth from you because their lives often are shrouded in necessary fictions. They might be uncomfortable dealing with you because they have been humiliated by you in the past.


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Un commentaire par Samuel (29/03/2005 à 16:36)

Effectivement, l’article est très long et passionnant.
Merci !

Un commentaire par Gratyn (30/03/2005 à 22:52)

En France selon la légende urbaine, il y a une femme à la police des moeurs qui a été propulsée spécialiste des trans à la suite de leurs demandes insistantes pour ne faire des dépositions qu’avec elle.